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Participate! Join our full moon celebrations, chant blessings with us, listen to the teachings, study the Buddha's words to bring peace to your heart and your life. Bring your family to Kids programs, join any of our several weekly meditations, pitch in with our community activities. Offer your expertise, assist the Board of Directors, offer use of your home for gatherings or use of your vacation spot for our meditation retreats...

Providing Meal Dana

What is needed:
  • We have the opportunity to support ordained Sangha by bringing daily meals (breakfast & lunch) to Ayya. Her other option is to take her begging bowl to seek seek almsfood.
  • You may take either 1 or both meals.
  • Mondays are a particularly important day to donate as her meal backups (mother, restaraunt) are unavailable that day.
When to take meals:
  • Breakfast should be delivered after 6 am and before 8:00 am. If breakfast has not arrived by 8 and there has been no communication stating that you are en route, then Ayya will take the bus to go on alms.
  • Lunch should be delivered by 10:45 am;
  • If you are taking both meals it is ok to deliver both at breakfast time;
  • If you are unable to make it on time for either meal it is important to notify Ayya Sudhamma so that she can find an alternative for that meal.