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Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide housing and full assistance to resident Buddhist clergy ordained in Theravada Buddhist tradition. Our mission is to deepen understanding of the Buddha's teachings by enabling them to do their work here in Charlotte, NC (USA). The monks' mission is to develop their own practice while also freely sharing their skills with the community.

Women in robes with shaved heads have joined the neighborhood...

Who are they? And what do they offer to this community?

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They are “bhikkhunis”

Fully-ordained Buddhist clergy, or you could say monks or female-monks (nuns). They do not try to convert people to Buddhism, and teach only if asked. They share their skills with the community, always free of charge:

Teaching individuals and groups:

  • How to meditate
  • How to live happily and get along with people — overcoming anger, etc.
  • The Buddhist scriptures and wise advice from the Buddha
  • Buddhist history
  • Ancient stories
  • Traditional rituals
  • Buddhist ethics and philosophy
  • Ethics to kids, including how to respect parents

The senior bhikkhuni

gives individual spiritual counseling to: Individuals, Couples, Families, Young adults (particularly those who feel lost or anxious), and Kids. They conduct traditional rituals of Southeast Asia, including giving blessings, chanting, moon celebrations, funeral and memorial services, water-pouring ceremonies (see photo below), healing rituals, and house blessings.

They offer a center of quiet reflection and opportunities to letting go of stress and grief, and for gaining wisdom. Their home naturally services as a hub around which a community of like-minded people is developing. And the bhikkhunis live so happily -- with so little -- that they serve as proof that happiness has nothing to do with riches & wealth.  Volunteers who understand their penniless lifestyle, and want to support the them, collect funds to give them a place to live, and bring food each day