A Monastic Residence Founded in 2013

The Charlotte Buddhist Vihara is a monastic residence and meditation sanctuary located in northeast Charlotte.  The Charlotte-born fully ordained Buddhist female monk, Ayya Sudhamma, brings to the group 17 years of experience living in traditional Theravada Buddhist monasteries. She teaches a variety of meditation techniques as well as Buddhist wisdom. People of all religions are welcome.  We do not try to convert anyone.

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RSVP for our meditations by using the social gathering website Our Meetup link is Meditate with the Monk: Buddhism in Charlotte or you can click here for Upcoming Meetup Events. You can also sign up for our Newsletter to be informed of upcoming events and special guests. The Charlotte Buddhist Vihara is located at 3423 Stonehaven Drive Charlotte, NC 28215. 


For the Vihara to succeed in its goal of giving the monks a place to live and supporting their lives and their work, we need you.

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Upcoming Vihara Events

3:00 pm “An Evening for Personal Growth”...
“An Evening for Personal Growth”...
Jul 23 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
“An Evening for Personal Growth” (Tues 7 pm) Meditate with the Monk-Meditation for Insight (guided aloud by leader as needed for newcomers)-Dhamma talk (lecture based on Buddhist wisdom teachings)-DiscussionSuitable for all levels of meditation experience from 1st timer to oldtimer. Location is in northeast Charlotte. (Address will be provided.) If planning to attend please sign[...]

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