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Gardening Help

Spring is here in Charlotte! It’s time to dust off the old and start anew!

You can gain the merits of your volunteering efforts by helping to spruce up our vihara and gardens. Our bhikkhunis follow the monastic rule to refrain from disturbing the soil, and therefore cannot do the weeding, planting, and some other light duties around the vihara required to keep it in good shape.

By offering any amount of your time and light efforts to tidying up the yard and areas around our vihara, you get the added benefits of being out in the fresh air and sunlight or perhaps chatting with like-minded friends while getting a bit of healthy physical exercise. Or you may choose to use this opportunity to spend calm, quiet time in the presence of the vihara and our bhikkhunis, or perhaps practice mindfulness or meditative presence during a task, all while gaining merits for yourself or your loved ones in the process.

Simply contact Ayya Sudhamma in person, via email, or on the phone to set up a general time for your dana, and be assigned a task to come perform at the vihara at your convenience. Tools and supplies are provided, unless you’d like to use or provide your own.

Donations of materials are also graciously accepted, including mulch, pine needles,  walkway rock, and occasionally other items - please ask.

And thank you for your efforts to keep our vihara running smoothly so that our bhikkhunis can continue to teach meditation and offer the Buddha’s wisdom to Charlotte and our surrounding communities.

With Metta for all living beings in our garden and beyond.