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“Bright Minds” Meditation retreat at Great Woods Zen Center

When: March 1- March 3rd. “Bright Mind Retreat” MEDITATION RETREAT WITH AYYA SUDDHAMMA At Greatwoods Zen Center Indoor accommodations and camping sites are availablle.This retreat is founded on generosity.Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of finances.Venerable Ayya Sudhamma has been a Buddhist monk for over 20 years. Previously a lawyer, she was the first American […]

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CELEBRATE KATHINA OCT 29th + CBV 10th ANNIV. (in-person)

We soon will enter the last month of the traditional Vassa residency season, followed closely by our Kathina celebration, on Sunday 29th October from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EDT. Vassa marks the monsoon season of northeast India, during which it’s better for the environment if monks give up traveling for a few months. After the 3-month […]

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We are back to in person Events at the Vihara

Our Thursday meditation and Dharma teachings are back IN PERSON 7-8 pm each week. All are welcome to come sit by the Bodhi tree as we learn mindfulness and meditation together as a Sangha. Thank you to this beautiful community of wise friends. Sign Up Here    

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