Party at the Vihara July 21st.



We are coming up on the five-year anniversary of our center’s (Charlotte Buddhist Vihara’s) opening ceremony which took place on a full moon day, in July 2013.

~ Five years of goodness, service, of introducing people to Buddhism and meditation, Dhamma teaching, spiritual development, and countless acts of generosity and kindheartedness. ~

Now that’s worth celebrating!

On Saturday July 21st we will hold a traditional Buddhist full moon (Esala Poya or Asalha Puja*) program early in the morning, including meditation, then enjoy pleasant social time to celebrate the Vihara’s anniversary.

Next we will hold the traditional chanting program prior to lunch dana (Refuge & Precepts, offerings), along with a special annual “Invitation” ceremony to formally encourage Ayya Sudhamma to continue to reside here at Charlotte Buddhist Vihara.

Schedule (welcome to drop-in at any time):
7:30 am: Welcome and Set up
7:45 am: Eight Precepts ceremony**
8:00 am: Breakfast potluck
8:45 – 10 am: Meditation; short Dhamma talk; discussion of the Vihara’s past five years
10 – 11:15 am: Social time (welcome to bring snacks for this)
11:15 – Noon: Refuge & Precepts, Invitation, Blessings chant
Noon: Potluck lunch
1:15 – 1:45 pm: Teaching for children
2:00 pm: Our regular Meetup Meditation (Please RSVP separately for the Meetup, here:
2:45 pm: Group Discussion: “What Meditation and Buddhist Teachings Mean to Me”.

* History of Asalha Puja/Esala Poya:
** All are welcome to either take 8 Precepts for the day, or to watch and assist. Explanation of 8 Precept observance;

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