KATHINA Celebration at the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara

Thank you

Thank you to all who helped plan and attend the Kathina event at the Vihara on Sunday 29th October from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EDT.

Ayya Sudhamma

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Kathina photo (l-r): *Ayya Dhammadinna Bhikkhuni (fully ordained in 2022; Founder of Dhamma Center USA, Winchester VA) *Ayya Paññavati Mahatheri (2004; Founder of Embracing Simplicity at Hea, Hendersonville NC) *Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha pioneer Venerable Ayya Sudarshana Mahatheri (1996; Founder of Samadhi Meditation Center in Tampa) *Ayya Sudhamma Mahatheri (2003; Founder of Charlotte Buddhist Vihara) *Ayya Sudinna Mahatheri (2002; Chief Monk of Carolina Buddhist Vihara, Greenville SC) -just visible over Ayya Sudhamma's shoulder *Ayya Somasiki Bhikkhuni (2020; Resident of Embracing Simplicity at Heartwood, Hendersonville NC) *Ayya Sobhana Theri (2006; Prioress, Dhammadharini, Sonoma County CA)
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Buddha Statue Donors were: Ayya Sobhana, Ayya Mettajivi, Bhikkhuni Saddha, Bhikkhuni Dhammanusari, Bhikkhuni Jutindhara (dedicating the Sanghadana offered for their requisites during the ABS Temple 2023 Kathina), together with Ayya Tathaloka (organizer). Especially for your Vihara 10-Year Anniversary, together with completion of 20th Vassa as a Bhikkhuni
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CELEBRATE KATHINA OCT 29th + CBV 10th ANNIV. (in-person)

We soon will enter the last month of the traditional Vassa residency season, followed closely by our Kathina celebration, on Sunday 29th October from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EDT. Vassa marks the monsoon season of northeast India, during which it’s better for the environment if monks give up traveling for a few months. After the 3-month […]

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Nature Meditation Retreat & picnic Great Woods Zen

Join Rev. Sudhamma for a Nature Meditation Retreat & picnic Great Woods Zen – 8315 Hickory Dr Charlotte, NC August 20th (Sunday) 9am-12pm + picnic afterwards A special time for quiet meditation and invigoration in nature. We will meet at Great Woods Zen retreat center (not far from the Vihara) for a morning of meditation […]

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Donate to give the Vihara a permanent home in Charlotte

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the revival of women’s ordination after nearly 10 centuries during which there were no Theravada bhikkhuni vihara (monasteries). Today, we are grateful for the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara, one of several dozen Theravada bhikkhuni viharas worldwide. We are asking you to mark this anniversary, as well as become part of Buddhist history with a commitment of $108.00 to ensure that  our vihara has a […]

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New Year’s Program at the Vihara

Start the new year right by joining together for spiritual development. Also receive blessings & a blessing thread, and share a potluck brunch. SCHEDULE 8:45 AM Early meditation arrivals; 9 AM (Optional) Silent Meditation; 9:50 AM Regular arrivals; 10 AM 30-minute guided meditation; 10:30 AM Break; 11 AM Refuge & Precepts, Buddha-puja, Blessings chants; 11:30 […]

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Party at the Vihara July 21st.

  We are coming up on the five-year anniversary of our center’s (Charlotte Buddhist Vihara’s) opening ceremony which took place on a full moon day, in July 2013. ~ Five years of goodness, service, of introducing people to Buddhism and meditation, Dhamma teaching, spiritual development, and countless acts of generosity and kindheartedness. ~ Now that’s […]

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