Vesak: THE BIG Celebration- Buddha’s B’day (and more!) Saturday May 18

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There’s no greater holy occasion than the full moon of May for Buddhists, this year near the end of May. Not only the final birthday of our great Teacher, it marks his enlightenment day and the date of his passing away. The holiday is called Vesak.

In some Buddhist countries in southeast Asia the festivities of Vesak holiday season leading up to the big full moon day begin 2 weeks before the full moon. Here we will celebrate half a day on Saturday May 18th, directly on the full moon, with enthusiasm, with Vesak decorations, holiday-only food treats, and reflections on the life of the historic Buddha.

All are welcome, bring your family, and kindly RSVP for yourself and guests.



7 AM: (Optional) Sil program – Help set up, then take special precepts for the day, with chanting & offerings, followed by potluck breakfast;

9 AM: “Awakening of a Buddha” – talk by Ayya Sudhamma;
10:30 AM: Break, short meditation, prep for Puja & Potluck Lunch;
11:30 AM: Puja chanting; Noon Lunch (You are invited to bring a food item to contribute to the pot luck lunch);
1:00 PM: “Arising & Passing of the Buddha’s Life” – talk by Ayya Sudhamma

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