Day Retreat at GW Zen Overwhelmed (re Politics)? The Buddha’s Remedy…

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Overwhelmed? The Buddha’s Remedy to Stress from Current Politics & Climate” A day with Ayya Sudhamma focused on the solution.

We will meet at Great Woods Zen retreat center (not far from the Vihara) for a half day of meditation and teachings. The center is nestled in 28 beautiful acres of woods out Hickory Grove Rd – a lovely oasis in the City.

Our activities may be indoors or outdoors, or both, depending on weather.

~Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in ~

• 9 am-Noon Sitting/Walking Meditation with instructions & short Dhamma comments.

• Noon-12:30 pm Brown-bag Lunch (please bring your own lunch! And a cooler if needed.)

• 12:30-1:15 pm Dhamma Talk

• 1:15-1:45 pm Sitting meditation

• 1:45-2:30 pm Q & A

BRING YOUR OWN CUSHION or let me know to bring one for you from the Vihara. Also bring a cloth or mat to sit on outside. And bring your own lunch (in a cooler if needed, as the ‘fridge is reserved for residents), and a mug for tea.

*Note: Advice on getting there:

For those who are new to the center, go right at the fork onto the gravel road. Go onto the gravel road. Watch out for big potholes.

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